The Choice Of Switching To E Cigs

E-Cigs a Best Alternative to Smoking

Do you think you are too much into smoking and worried about the health hazards smoking invites? Then the choice of switching to e-cigs will make a huge difference in your life. An electronic cigarette that is otherwise known as vapourizer is the best among the tools available for people who are planning to quit smoking or either care about their health while continuing to smoke. Unlike regular cigarettes the electronic cigarettes we sell contain no tobacco and its harmful smoke. The light nicotine vapour that comes out of it causes less or no harm to the smokers.

The Variants We Offer

The electronic cigs are usually available in countless variants but not every variant is available with all sellers. We are a one-stop e cig store which specialize in selling a wide assortment of variants. Most of the variants we specialize are either mint-flavoured or fruit flavoured. The minty flavours include mint-lemon, sweet mint, pepper mint etc. while the fruit variants of e cigarettes can be lemon, peach, avocado, apple, strawberry, and many other fruit flavours that will excite the users.
Healthy Fagging

Our electronic cigarettes do not include tobacco fillings or caffeine in them that causes a lot of danger to the smoker when it reaches the smoker’s lungs. We manufacture them at specialized laboratory with safe nicotine fillers that make an e cig look more like a nicotine vapour machine than a smoking tool. This tool can be used by chain smokers and caffeine addicts to get rid of the habit quickly and economically.

Types of Electronic cigarettes we offer

There are disposable and reusable e cigarettes available with us and the non-disposable ones are considered more eco-friendly. E cigarette is more pocket friendly and they are available in our e-store at reasonable rates with greater discounts.

There are basically three types of e cigs we offer to our clients all over the world. The first one is a single piece disposable cigarette. Those who wish to try out an e-cig can use the disposable ones firstly. The single disposable cigarette units are pre-charged with a battery and a nicotine cartridge. Reusing this type of single units of e cig is not possible.
The second type is a twin kit of e cigs with rechargeable battery. The automizer that is available with this kit needs to be changed as you finish every pack. The rechargeable e cigs with battery can be reused and the burned out. Automizer can be dumped at the end of every smoking session.
The last and the highly priced e cigarette type we sell comes as a perfect smoking set. It comes with reusable cigarettes, rechargeable batteries, replaceable cartridge and automizers of different variants. If you own this set, you can smoke a variety of flavours anywhere at any time. This type of reusable cigarettes are really eco-friendly and only the automizer needs to be changed as they burn out. They are apt for gifting purposes.
Our Specialization
The style and the shape of e cigarettes we offer vary just to add more attraction to this smoking tool. There are mini cigarettes that are compact and easy to use everywhere. There are pen style cigarettes that are reusable, these are cigar style electronic cigarettes and smoking pipes are also available for e-smokers. The smoking pipes with water bowls make e-cigs more eco-friendly as the water in the bowls pacifies the intensity of the hot smoke entering the lungs of the smokers.
You can make use of our easy and safe payment options to shop for the best e-cigarettes online.